Orthodontics for Improper Bites

Orthodontics Explained

Orthodontics is a form of advanced dentistry that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of all issues involved with an improper bite. You may experience an improper bite if you have missing, misaligned, crowded or damaged teeth.

Malocclusion, the proper name for an improper bite, may negatively affect your smile and general facial aesthetics, as well as speech, self-confidence and general wellbeing.

At My Dentist St Leonards we can accurately diagnose the cause of your improper bite and treat it effectively by straightening your teeth. We straighten teeth through:

  • Ceramic braces
  • Metal braces

At My Dentist St Leonards, we offer:

  • Comprehensive dental examination and review of your medical history to establish which procedures you are suited for
  • 3D digital planning of your specific case
  • Digital radiology imaging is done at our St Leonards premises including Panoramic imaging (aka OPG), Cephalometric imaging, Sinus Radiology, 3D Cone Beam, Volumetric Tomography (aka CBCT or CBVT), and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) imaging. 
  • The insight of our intra-oral camera that can capture digital images of specific areas within your mouth
  • Specialized Sleep Dentistry and Electronic Assisted Anaesthesia System as a way to control pain and discomfort patients may feel during certain procedures.
  • Modern technology and the very best in terms of equipment and surgical instruments.
  • Prosthodontic devices, which are all proudly manufactured in Australia.
  • Complete tracking of the sterilization of our instruments. This process is wholly digitalized and is used to minimize the risks of infection.
  • Digital scanning impressions of your mouth as an alternative to traditional mould techniques.
  • TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved dental goods, products, and supplies.
  • Monitoring of your vital signals for the duration of your dental procedure
  • Follow-ups on your dental health
  • And most importantly, complete confidentiality when it comes to your dental records and medical history.

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