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February 23, 2021

Have you noticed your teeth wearing down or enamel damage? Are your teeth sensitive or does your jaw ache and click? Do you get headaches frequently when you wake up?… These are all signs of Bruxism!

Bruxism is the bad habit of teeth grinding associated with mouth breathing. It is generally caused by stress and/or nervous tensions. Over time, Bruxism may cause serious damage to your teeth including:

visible wear and damage to your teeth

jaw joint and muscle tenderness

tooth sensitivity and pain

Knowing the symptoms of Bruxism is important in order to identify and reduce the damage immediately. Many people clench or grind their teeth particularly in stressful situations however it most commonly occurs at night. While sleeping, Bruxism may only occur during a short period at night but can sometimes turn into chronic Bruxism occurring over a period of years. Damage occurs on the teeth and jaw due to Bruxism. First signs of Bruxism includes the enamel wear from the outer surface of the teeth. The damage of Bruxism can become severe if left unattended and can result in the loss of up to one third of each tooth.

Damage caused by Bruxism can be repaired by dental work. Unfortunately Bruxism is difficult to cure however damage can be reduced significantly with the help of mouthguards that are specially designed for the help of muscle tensions and teeth grinding!

If you suspect you have been grinding and clenching your teeth throughout the night, call us on 9460 8909 to organise an examination and we will assist with solutions to the issue. Alternatively you can book an appointment from our website

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