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High Tech Teeth

High Tech Teeth

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How to Choose an Implant Dentist

How to Choose an Implant Dentist

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Are you a candidate for dental implants?

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

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High Tech Teeth

High Tech Teeth

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Why choosing us for your dental implants?

Because we have placed dental implants over more than 20 years. We have successfully placed more than 3000 dental implants and have the experience to resolve the most complex cases of missing teeth.

Because we design and plan your case digitally to ensure precision and accuracy leaving minimum room to errors. We are pioneers in digital dentistry.

Because our prices are reasonable and affordable. We place a large number of dental implants and that allows us to reduce our prices without compromising our quality of work.

Because we partner with the most successful brands of dental implants and dental implant materials. All implants and materials are TGA approved and purchased locally.

Because we have a range of payment options including interest free plans to help you cover the cost of your treatment without stress.

Because we are qualified professionals, have the technical capability to ensure successful results and are committed to ongoing improvement and.. because we deliver what we promise!

When can I choose to have a dental implant?

Single Tooth Missing

Dental Implant + Crown

Multiple Teeth Missing

Implant Supported Bridge

All Teeth Missing

Full Arch Restoration

Why dental implants?

  • Allow you to speak and eat without the worries of loose dentures.
  • Optimum long-term cost effective solution.
  • Improve your appearance and help you recover your smile.
  • Help you recover a healthy chewing.
  • Help you protect other healthy teeth nearby the missing tooth.
  • Save you from spending on ongoing new dentures.
  • Help you retain the shape of your face and minimise early aging.
  • Stop shrinking the jaw bone, regenerate bone, protect healthy bone.
  • Are strong, fixed and stable.
  • Assist with gum recession associated with missing teeth.
  • Are a long term solution for missing teeth.
  • Osseointegrate with the jaw bone to function like natural tooth.

What is the standard treatment procedure?

  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Collection and assessment of medical records including photographs
  • Radiology imaging (OPG, 3D Cone Beam, Intraoral periapicals)
  • Assessment of patient’s suitability for implant(s) procedure
  • Impression for temporary tooth restoration (if necessary)
  • Design of surgical guide
  • Order manufacture of surgical guide(s) with dental laboratory
  • Dental implant(s) placement surgical procedure
  • Placement of provisional crown (if necessary)
  • Post-surgery examination
  • Removal of surgery stitches
  • Placement of final (permanent) prosthesis – zirconium crown or bridge over implant(s)
  • Preparation of oral hygiene program
  • Periodic visits to implement long-term oral hygiene program

Full Mouth Restoration over Implants

Full Mouth Restoration over Implants is an extraordinary treatment concept recognised worldwide as the best solution for full-arch restorations under minimum invasive procedures.

Full Mouth Restoration over Implants treatment consists of a full-arch restoration (upper or lower jaw) supported on four implants only. On most of the cases a fixed provisional prosthesis can be placed on the same day of the implant surgery allowing you to have normal functionality of your dentures until the permanent restorative solution is placed. With the Full Mouth Restoration over Implants treatment implants are placed following a technique that avoids the need of bone grafting thus utilising the existing bone and minimising surgery procedures.

Stop Feeling uncomfortable with your missing teeth or your old denture that moves and falls when talking or eating. Improve your quality of life with the modern state-of-the art Full Mouth Restoration over Implants solution!

If your case is a single-tooth or multiple-teeth missing, visit our dental implants page where you will find information and videos on this interesting solution.

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