Invisalign at My Dentist St Leonards

Invisalign Want to see your teeth perfectly aligned but are not very keen on braces? There is another alternative to align your teeth not as noticeable as the brackets. This new technology is called Invisalign. What is this treatment about? It is a computerized treatment using transparent retainers. These aligners must be changed every certain […]

Teeth whitening at My Dentist St Leonards

Teeth Whitening Diet, brushing and flossing are everyday ways of keeping your teeth and gums bright and healthy. However do you feel like they are not quite that perfect shade you desire? Here is some insight into the whitening treatment and questions frequently asked by many. Why do teeth change colour? Over time you may […]

Periodontal probe for measuring pocket depths
Periodontal disease

Did you know there is scientific evidence of a link between periodontal diseases and cardiovascular diseases? It has been identified that periodontal disease independently link to the development of cardiovascular disease in some patients. Bacteria associated with periodontitis include: • Porphyromonas gingivalis • Treponema denticola • Tannerella forsythia Bacteria that cause periodontal disease has the […]


Have you noticed your teeth wearing down or enamel damage? Are your teeth sensitive or does your jaw ache and click? Do you get headaches frequently when you wake up?… These are all signs of Bruxism! Bruxism is the bad habit of teeth grinding associated with mouth breathing. It is generally caused by stress and/or […]

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal therapy is a dental treatment sequence for an infected pulp of a tooth which involves the extraction of the root nerves of the tooth, cleaning, and eliminating the infection. Most often the root canal is done so that you can keep the natural tooth for the functional and cosmetic look. There are […]

Premolar tooth
Dental Implant Solutions

Do you have missing teeth or feel self conscious about a gap? Is your denture lose and frustrating? Or would you simply like a long term solution to a gorgeous smile. Regain your confidence with dental implants! Dental Implants are the most natural looking solution to those insecurities. A dental implant is a screw-like anchor […]

  • dental implant is a screw-like anchor that is placed into the jawbone in order to replace a missing tooth. Implants are made with special materials that are compatible with the human body. There are various forms of implants available for different cases.

    Dental Implant treatments are generally broken down in three stages.

    1) The dentist begins by placing the implant into the jaw followed by a screw that prevents debris from entering.

    2) Once returning to your next appointment, the implant is uncovered and an extension called an abutment is placed. This feature functions as a connector between the tooth and the implant.

    3) Lastly, a crown/bridge is designed to best suit your natural teeth considering factors such as colour, shape and size. Once completed, it is then attached to the implant post.

    Dental implants are an optimum long-term cost effective solution that improves your appearance and helps you recover your smile. Implants also assist in gum recession associated with missing teeth.

    Our professional team has successfully placed over 3000 dental implants and have more than 20 years of experience and knowledge. We deliver what we promise!

    If you have missing teeth and have considered dental implants as a solution, call us on 9460 8909 for an appointment. Alternatively you may book an appointment online from our website.

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