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Welcome to My Dentist St Leonards

Here at My Dentist St Leonards, professional dentistry on the North Shore, we pride ourselves in having over 25 years of valuable experience in the dental industry and improving our patients’ overall quality of life.  We  provide services that focus on diligence, transparency, and values, all within a safe and friendly environment.

Ethics | Innovation | Expertise are the foundation of our business values:

  • Ethics are what we uphold above all else, and we will always strive to be the best that we can be for our patients.
  • Innovation is very important in a field such as dentistry, and we bring you the best in modern technology and procedures.
  • Expertise, because we employ respected professionals to provide our patients with only the most professional services available.
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Our Commitment

We recognise that the relationship with your dentist is a personal one and not one to be rushed. That’s why we encourage you to give us a call or drop by our premises to meet our team and satisfy yourself that we’re the best dental solution in North Sydney.
Looking for a highly professional on the North Shore? My Dentist St Leonards, in North Sydney, welcomes you to our dental practice! Feel free to call us on 0493 132 294 or email us on office@mydentiststleonards.com.au

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Our Mission and Goal

At My Dentist St Leonards, our goal is for all our patients to receive the best service available to them so that they feel completely satisfied with each visit. To achieve this, we ensure that we:

  • Adhere to strict safety requirements when it comes to our equipment, procedures, and environment. All staff undergoes extensive training, with emphasis on confidentiality, infection prevention, and risk management.
  • Are honest, and open in every patient interaction so that there is no chance of misunderstandings. Our dedicated team is bound to our policies and procedures, and know what is expected of them when it comes to confidentiality and general behaviour.
  • Dedicate time to innovation and improvement at My Dentist St Leonards. Each team member is presented with numerous opportunities to advance in their professions, and therefore add further value to our practice.
  • Encourage a work environment based on respect and equality, where morale is high. We enjoy a comfortable workplace with satisfied employees and patients.

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Dr Carlos Turk


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Dr Maria Lopez


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